Our Manifesto

We together…
Evoke our creative gifts that keep knocking on our door.
Improvise our way into existence like that kid who wants to explore.
Like nothing more, we just want to soar.
So ready to let go of all our conditioning that held us back before.
But those noises inside can’t be tamed no more.
This is what we are here for.
To spark the madness within.
And share it with the world.

The Core Creators

Yara Lazkani, Creator

An optimist human who is obsessively passionate about empowering people to unlock their creative potential which is the reason she kickstarted ChinChinTalu. After graduating from marketing, she worked for Red Bull in event planning for five years. Thereafter, she co-founded “We are GenP” to power the mindsets of the youth and prepare them to be future fit. In time, she got into circus art, movement, acting, and different kinds of art and mindfulness. She purpose is to spread the magic of Art!

Javier Rendon, Art Lead

After his graduation from circus school in Colombia, his unstoppable curiosity lead him to expand his knowledge in dance, acrobat, show direction, theatre, visual video effects and hip hop music rap. He founded La Gota Circo Project in 2013 and the crew performed over five thousand shows in over thirty countries. In his 17 years of experience, Javier was selected as the first Colombian in 41 years to preform in the Europe Juggling Convention 2018 at International Gala night with the best global artists.

Antonie Alaa, Digital Lead

Antonie has a big passion for travel, marketing, and all things techie. Antoine kickstarted his career in brand marketing for eight years. Thereafter, he took on his first entrepreneurial adventure to develop his own digital product which drove him to completely immerse in the digital world. Antoine is an ice-hockey and F1 enthusiast, loves to initiate work that creates social impact. He worked with multiple refugee settlement programs.


We are honoured to have powerful brands and humans on board to create a space full of creative and mindful activities.

La Gota Circo

La Gota Circo curates high level interdisciplinary artists in street comedy, acrobatics, urban circus, and dance. Their purpose is spread art and training programs to promote mental and physical health. The crew traveled to over 30 countries spreading their show concepts. @lagotacircoo

Soul Art

Offering empowering art and Movement workshop without boundaries. Soul Art’s programs vary from technical courses to workshops that focus on empowerment, self- development, expression, and connection with others. @soulartcenter

Cosmic Roots

A collection of a diverse talented musicians who are specialized in tribal and harmonic vibrations to evoke healing and connection. They are specialized in elevating state of awareness through meditational journeys. @cosmicrootsofficial

The Human Lab

The Human Lab cultivate a space through a series of games with the purpose to see others beyond our assumptions. A deep-dive journey within ourselves, thoughts and feelings, while sharing our awareness with others.

Zero Waste UAE

Founded by Doua Ben, who committed to adopt a zero waste lifestyle. She is on a mission to educate and provide eco-friendly product to encourage conscious living. @zwasteuae

Nawal Masri, Mental Health Speaker

Nawal El Masri founder of Exhale; a conscious clothing brand that sheds light on mental health and self-awareness. Nawal is breaking social stigma and using her brand as a mean to communicate on underlying social issues. Join her talk as she shares her mental health story and the secrets we hide! @Exhale.ae

Michela Modolo, 5Rhythms

5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and dynamic movement practice practiced by thousands worldwide which holds the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Michela is a 5 Rhythms certified teacher encouraging openness for imagination and expression. @michela_5rhythms

Siddhant Sachdeva, Poi Facilitator

Sid felt nothing but pure joy when he started poi because of its meditative repetitive motion combined with the rush of free form movement expression. Three years into his poi journey, his true passion is teaching poi and help others find their own flow. @siddhantsachdeva

Flordeliza Pesigan, Inner Dance

A creative alchemist with multi-facet expertise in shamanic practices, sound healing, tantric practices, movement therapy, reiki, voice transmissions along art all contributes to the spaces she holds. Her path led her to become an Inner Dance facilitator which is a self-awakening meditative practice. @Thefleurdeliz

Lama Al-Ghabra, Yoga

She became a yogi enthusiast and a facilitator because it changed her life physically, mentally and spiritually. She teaches yoga for those who are eager to discover a stronger connection with their body. @lamaandtheworld